Sunday, October 21, 2012

REFLECTION: Understanding the Impact of Technology on Education, Work and Society at Walden University

            This was the last assignment for my forth course at Walden University. Below are questions that I had to answer for the assignment in week seven.
In what ways has this course helped you to develop your own technology skills as a professional teacher?
            This course Understanding the Impact of Technology on Education, Work and Society at Walden University has helped me develop my own technology skills in many ways such as introducing me to RSS feeds, blogs, wiki’s, and podcasting.  If it had not had been for this class I would have never have developed the skills that will lead me into becoming a 21st century teacher.  Yes, maybe I would have eventually learning theses various resources, but not a way to implement them into my classroom.  Hopefully in the future I will be able to gain technology resources for my classroom so that my students can be driven into the 21st century.    
In what ways have you deepened your knowledge of the teaching and learning process?
            I have deepened my knowledge of the teaching and learning process by learning about what I do on a daily basis, which is student-centered learning.  In my classroom I can give students ideas in which to create their art projects and then in turn they can develop them in a way that is meaningful to the student.  Technology can be another means in which students can develop ways in which they can express ideas and show growth.  Students can collaborate together using technology that can help prepare them for the 21st century skills that will be required when entering college and the workforce.
In what ways have you changed your perspective from being teacher-centered to learner-centered?
            As a former student in middle school and high school I was not very focused or would just zone out in class when a teacher was lecturing and teaching.  It was not until I went to college and found that things could be different when I took my visual art and art education classes.  I feel that my teaching has always been somewhat student-centered.  The time that my teaching is teacher-centered is when I have to give directions and demonstrations or verbally discipline my middle school art students when they get out of hand or too loud. This class has shown me to focus on my students in a way so that they have control of what is being created in my art class.
In what ways can you continue to expand your knowledge of learning, teaching, and leading with technology with the aim of increasing student achievement?
            Some ways that I can expand my knowledge of learning, teaching, and leading with technology is to spread the word about technology within my district, learn all that I can about up and coming 21st century technologies, and educate myself continually through my experiences through Walden University and beyond.  These examples will help my students achieve success.  If I can obtain these goals they will make me become a better teacher and in turn make my students more successful in what I am responsible for them learning.
Set two long-term goals (within two years) for transforming your classroom environment by which you may have to overcome institutional or systemic obstacles in order to achieve them. How do you plan to accomplish these goals?
Goal #1
            My first long term goal would be to obtain ipads or laptops for my classroom.  I have an art room that is in dire need of technology.  We could do so much more if we just had the opportunity to have these tools for the classroom.
Goal #2
            My second long term goal would be to find a grant to help obtain goal #1 so that my students can experience what all other students across the county have and that is a 21st century art classroom.  I am hoping my experiences through Walden University will help guide me to accomplish both of these goals because I know that my students would benefit most from these ideas and goals.
Refer to your checklist from Week 1. Have any of your answers changed after completing this course?
            Developing Technology Skills for the School and Workplace Environments section of the checklist is where I had the most “rarely” answers, but through this course it have given me ways that I can inform myself and my coworkers on technology use in and out of the classroom.  I now feel more confident then ever entering my classroom in the morning knowing that I can prepare my students for their future.

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