Friday, December 21, 2012

Final Reflection

          As my current course “Bridging Learning Theory, Instruction, and Technology” closes that I am taking through Walden University it is time to reflect on my “Personal Theory of Learning” that I developed during week one of the class.   This class has brought forward the theories that I had learned in my undergraduate classes in a new light letting us explore them and gain understanding of how they might be used in today’s classrooms. When I am teaching during the week I do not go through each learning theory and apply them to my student’s education in my classroom.  Because I have continually educating myself I feel that in my teachings I use bits and pieces of each learning theories such as the Behaviorist, Cognitive, Constructionist, Constructivist and Social learning theories that we explored in this class.  This class has made my understandings of each of these theories more clear and expanded my world of the educational technologies available to my students and me. 

           In my school there are limited resources when it comes to technology tools in my classroom.  I do have access to the computer lab so when thinking about technology tools that I would like to use with my students concept mapping and virtual field trips come to mind.  Both of these tools can be used together or separate to enhance and help students organize ideas, understand concepts, visualize and they support dual coding so that students will remember ideas taught down the road in life.               

          Two long term goals or changes that I would like to make to my instructional practice are to implement more technology in my classroom and to use that technology so that it is effective for students as a learning tool.  When it comes to implementing technology in my classroom I need to approach my administration and let them know that my art students need this to further their education in visual arts and how these resources could advance their knowledge in the content area.  I also need to put research into writing grants for this purpose so that I know I am doing all I can do for what is best for my students.  The second goal of effectively using technology as a learning tool would come into play when I get things such as whiteboards, printers, scanners or digital cameras for my classroom.  A lot of times teachers have these things and it is the teacher who is using them and not the students.  I want my students to be hands on in their learning and they need to learn how to operate and use these types of resources. After all, our students are our students and eventually we have to release them and give them the tools so when they leave our classroom they can fly on their own. 

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